Why Surface Prep is So Important

There are plenty of homeowners out there who don’t want to invest in having painters come to their Acton,
 home to complete what seems to be a simple job. How much harder could it be than to put some paint up and clean up the edges? Target Painting wants you to move away from that mentality. Only the best professionals out there know how to improve your home’s exterior look, and one way is understanding the importance of surface prep.

Preparation is different for every surface

To start, surface preparation for your home is what will set the foundation for how your paint looks. Every surface requires a slightly different approach to prep. Understanding how your surfaces will react to different services and cleaning methods could completely change the result and quality of your paint job.

Damages will only worsen paint with time

Putting premium paint on cracked stucco or rotting wood is just the same as putting lipstick on a pig. You might cover some of the immediate problems, but the issues still exist and will often lead to premature aging of your freshly painted surface. Patching, replacements, and priming should take place before any other work begins

The contaminants on your siding can impact paint integrity

Siding is exposed to every outdoor element imaginable. Dirt, mold, mildew, pollen, salt, and other typical grime you’ll find on the outside of a home can have a negative effect on your paint, even if you utilize premium products.

When you choose a superior house painting company near Acton, MA like Target Painting, you are hiring more than just a painting service. We focus on our quality of work, and we will provide you with the surface prep necessary to make your home look beautiful when we are through with it.

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