What Sets Target Painting Apart?

With so many companies exclaiming to be the best exterior painters in the greater Boston area, Target Painting understands it can be daunting and difficult to identify the truly superior businesses out there. We know there are bad, good, and exceptional services, and you might be wondering how Target Painting fares in comparison to others. We can think of a few ways we can stand out from our competition, and we want all homeowners to know.

Attention to detail

We want every project to turn out impeccably, and that only happens with meticulous planning. From the moment we walk through a home for an estimate, we take detailed notes and photos to have a complete understanding of our clients’ needs. We provide a presentation of our project, schedule multiple appointments to discuss finer details, and provide the most personal experience possible.

Outstanding customer service

Every client of Target Painting is treating like our first to provide the best care possible, which is reflected in that attention to detail we mentioned before. Target Painting takes the time to sit down with our customers multiple times throughout the painting process to ensure every question is answered and no stones are left unturned.

Our in-house team

Unlike many painting companies out there, Target Painting’s team is entirely in-house. We do not subcontract our work, which means we require pride and excellence from each of our crew members to represent our values in the best light. You will never receive sub-par work when our team is on the job.

Top-notch products

As a superior painting company, we only work with the best products on the market. With partners with companies like Benjamin Moore, we take the time to research and test out the products that will serve our clients best and provide the longest lasting coverage for years to come.

Instead of Googling, “Best exterior painters near me,” give Target Painting a call. We’re not like the rest of the companies in the area, and you’ll see the difference in the way we handle your project.

With more questions, call us today at (877) 646-8274.