Tips for Choosing Paint Colors

Choosing the best exterior painters for your renovation project is easy when you work with a business like Target Painting, but choosing paint colors can be seriously tricky! We know you want your home to look great and this decision can feel daunting. For those stuck on which colors to choose, our experts have a few tips to make it just a little easier.

Take note of color schemes you’ve seen and liked

Even taking a drive around your neighborhood could inspire you. Though you might not want to look exactly like your neighbor, making notes about colors and hues you enjoy, what you don’t like, and other commentaries can help you refine your choices.

Consider when your home was built

For many, creating a color scheme that goes with the style of their home is an excellent way to narrow in on choices. Whether you have a craftsman bungalow or newer construction, these details can pave the path to beautiful color combinations that will look appropriate and gorgeous on your home.

Look at the details

Just as you are considering the age and style of your home, the architectural details on your exterior are a great place to consider working in more color. You might find the perfect opportunity to highlight these features. By utilizing an accent or contrasting color, you can create dimension on your home and add different focal points.

Be sure to experiment with these colors on your home

Much like with interior painting, it’s hard to know how an entire home will look on a small paint chip. Invest a few extra colors in sample sizes of the different paint colors you enjoy and create swatches. View them in different lights to ensure that the color you are choosing is exactly what you were looking for.

Fortunately, Target Painting has the go-to painters you want in Acton, MA who will work with you every step of the process. Our experts can help you make your paint decisions, address your various concerns, and provide a superior painting service.

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