Signs to Walk Away from a Painting Company

Plenty of homeowners have gone online looking for house painting services in Concord, Acton, and surrounding MA towns. Though they might find plenty of results, there are many businesses out there who do not have your best interest in mind. Target Painting wants buyers to be aware of some of the biggest signs of when they should walk away from a painting company and seek better services.

They are not licensed and/or insured

Though you might find an inexpensive “deal” with an unestablished painting business, this price point is not worth the trouble. Hiring someone who is uninsured or not licensed means any damages that may occur will not be covered by the company or their team. This documentation protects everyone involved and is worth verifying.

They offer a quote almost instantly

The best exterior painters will take the time to drive to your home, assess your exterior condition, consider problem areas, and devise a plan that will benefit you most. Companies that offer quotes strictly over the phone or with little consultation can be a big warning they will tack on additional costs at the completion of their work.

They use subcontractors

You want to work with a company that has superior management, security, and quality control. Subcontractors do not always necessarily follow the same ideals and practices as the business you hired. Target Painting suggests working with businesses who hire an in-house team who are trained to their specific standards.

Their product selection is mediocre

Even the best painting companies are only as good as the products they use. Take the time to research the paint brands they use, if they follow superior techniques and standards when they are painting, and more. These will make a significant difference in the longevity of your home’s new paint.

Fortunately, there are businesses out there who can offer the portfolio, in-house team, superior products, certifications, and comprehensive planning you want from a house painting company. Target Painting can provide all of these essential services and more.

With more questions or to request a quote, please call Target Painting today at (877) 646-8274.