5 Ways to Add Color to Your Home’s Exterior

If there’s one comment painters in Acton, Wayland, Southborough, and across the rest of MA hear on a regular basis, it’s their customers searching for ways to make elements of their home stand out with paint colors and ideas. Paint is an easy way to bring a new dimension to your home without any major construction, but where should these accent colors go? The professionals at Target Painting can think of a few places.

Front doors

Are you looking to make a bold first impression? Painting your front door with a bright or unique color can not only set the tone for the rest of your home but draw the eye in, which can be more inviting to guests.


If your home is an overall neutral color, you might be able to get away with a bright accent color for the shutters. It can give your home a bold look you have always wanted without feeling overwhelming.


Depending on the style and age of your home, you might have gable accents that can be complemented with a different color than what majority of your home is painted with and highlight this feature.

Small architectural details

Similar to gables, intricate wood designs should be celebrated and emphasized. Ask a professional about historically accurate color schemes for the age of your home to make these areas come to life.

Front porch ceilings

If your home is lucky enough to have a front porch, there are so many great opportunities to use color, especially when you have materials like beadboard. Much like a painted front door, a painted ceiling is welcoming and fun.

Fortunately, when you work with a business like Target Painting, we can address these color accents with you. Our experienced team will visit your home, examine the exterior, and create a plan that incorporates your color preferences and ideas.

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