How Often Should You Paint Your Home’s Exterior?

We have scheduled maintenance for our homes. Change the filters, clean the disposal, switch out the batteries in the smoke detectors, but what about exterior painting? Unfortunately, there is no schedule set in stone for this decision because there are these factors that need to be taken into consideration.

Factor One: Siding

The siding material can impact how often your home needs repainting as they require different maintenance schedules. Wood siding typically lasts anywhere from 3-7 years, stucco around 5, cement fiber 10-15, and brick 15-20.

Factor Two: Climate

The weather can have a significant impact on the way paint wears. A humid climate, near the beach, or trees shade your home, these all can make a difference in the way your home looks over time. For example, homeowners in Wayland, Weston, Sudbury, and across MA face extreme hot and cold conditions throughout the year and will see those impacts on their paint.

Factor Three: Prep Work

Prep work might be the most crucial step in painting a home. If your surfaces are prepped well to accept paint, they will face less bubbling, chipping, and other signs of wear. Be sure to remove old or rotten wood and your home is clean and well-sanded before any painting is started.

Factor Four: Quality of Paint Products

Like most things in life, superior products are worth the investment. Using paints from reputable brands like Benjamin Moore and Sherman Williams means you will get the most out of what you purchase. Trust us; you will see the difference.

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