What Color Should You Choose for Your Home?

When you’re considering painting the exterior of your home, one thing that you need to think about is the color. How do you choose a color for your home, and how can you make sure the paint lasts?

Plan the paint colors around design elements that are more difficult to change, such as the roof or walkways around the house. If your house paint clashes with the roof, it’s going to be a lot easier to change the paint instead of redoing the entire roof. Some other elements are simpler to change—your garden can have different flowers that work well with the overall look of your home. However, if you’re attached to your current garden design, you can absolutely choose a color that works well with it.

Do you want your home to blend in with your neighbors, or stand out? Take a look at what the houses next to you look like before making a final decision. Curb appeal isn’t limited to just your home—your neighbors can affect how people perceive your house. If you want to match your neighborhood, try to avoid painting your home the same color as the house next door, but instead choose a complementary color. Exact matching can make it hard to tell houses apart, especially in crowded neighborhoods.

Painting your home’s exterior is more than picking a single paint color—you should actually pick three. One primary color for the outer walls of your home, a trim color for gutters and windows, and an accent color for your door or other small areas you want attention. Traditionally, the primary and trim colors are complementary, while the accent color stands out. However, you can choose any color scheme for your home that works for you.

However you choose to paint your home, you should be aware of how long the paint lasts. Don’t settle for the cheapest brand of paint—your home exterior faces harsh weather, including wind, rain, and snow. You need a paint that will stand up to the weather and las for years.

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